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SAP BusinessObjects and SAP Crystal Server

Can technology help predict outcomes?.
Posted on April 29, 2015December 13, 2018  by                          The use of technology has become commonplace in the 21st Century, with  mobile phones  and tablets joining computers as multi-functional in transforming how we operate on a day-to-day basis.
It is easy to see how handheld gadgets have improved our quality of life, with a plethora of  downloadable  apps across numerous markets allowing users to…      Read more                  Review: UnoDNS from UnoTelly.com.
Posted on October 19, 2014December 13, 2018  by                          The team at UnoTelly have asked me to put their UnoDNS service th rough  it’s paces and here’s the result.
Disclosure: I’ve been given a free  subscription  to review their service.
What is UnoDNS.

UnoDNS is a service which enables you to access content as if you’re in another country

UnoDNS enables you to easily view…      Read more                  HungryHouse goes Mobile!.
Posted on October 21, 2013December 13, 2018  by                           Mobile apps  have gone from unusual to ubiquitous over the past few years, with instant messaging behemoths like Snapchat, photo-snapping giants like Instagram or addictive games like Infinity Blade taking on the world.
Our friends over at hungryhouse.co.uk have jumped into the fray with an app that lets you order food  straight  to your door – now…      Read more                  CAD Helps US Army with Star Trek-Style Replicators.
Posted on February 5, 2013December 13.

2018  by                          Throughout forward operating bases in Afghanistan

US soldiers are using 3D printers to whip up practically anything they might need.
Reminiscent of the replicator device featured in Star Trek everything from storage containers to vehicle spare parts, there’s a fully equipped 3D printing lab only a short helicopter ride away.
In  an interview  with Fox…      Read more                  Online Reputation Management: An Increasingly Needed Industry.
Posted on December 16, 2012December 13.

2018  by                          Online Reputation Management

or Online Brand Management, is quickly becoming an essential part of business.
With companies’ presence now being so heavily weighted towards the online side of things, it is becoming increasingly easy for a damaged reputation to spread and cost businesses customer interest and money.  Online Reputation Management is all  about  clearing up…      Read more                  Top 5 Tips for Tech on Holiday.
Posted on November 21, 2012December 15, .

2018  by                          Here’s my Top 5 Tips for taking Tech on Holiday

GET INSURANCE, and double-check it, and then check it again.

Being the sensible chap I am I knew it was a smart move to get Insurance

particularly as I was taking an array of pricey tech gadgets, including a £839 laptop, Kindle and my…      Read more                  SAP Turns “Big Data” into Useable Data with New Analytics Programs.
Posted on October 12, 2012December 13, 2018  by                          Business software providers SAP teamed up with Canadian firm Roger  Communication s to complete a suite of new enterprise analytics software that provides self-service access to reports that scale as the database being analysed grows in data volumes.
The resultant product editions, SAP BusinessObjects and SAP Crystal Server, .

Allow users to make sense of “Big Data”…      Read more                  Love Da POP CORN

Posted on August 31, 2012December 13, 2018  by                          As a big Dragon Den fan it’s always exciting when I get to see products which I’ve seen in the Den in real life, especially when they’re edible.

Yourvine is doing a cool challenge for Love Da Popcorn

complete challenges and get free Love Da Popcorn.
How cool is that.

Don’t watch Dragons Den?  If…      Read more                  Managing your energy online

Posted on June 23, 2012December 13, 2018  by                            In just over 2 weeks I will be moving into my new house, with 6 friends and one of our primary concerns is the cost of bills – Particularly  power  & Gas.
It’s going to be a fun challenge trying to keep our bills as low as possible  and I plan on using as…      Read more                  Worldwide Social Media users Top 1 Billion.
Posted on June 18, 2012December 13.

2018  by                          According to the International Telecommunication Union

there are now over 1 billion people in the world who actively use social media.
Of course, it will come as no surprise that Facebook tops the chart as the world’s most popular social network with over 900 million active users (Though differing opinions on what constitutes “active” could…      Read more                Posts navigation.


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