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Concentrated and Pander Doublet are

Music 2016.

Search                                          Music 2016

2016 saw the release of two new albums and an EP: Crap Chute’s Concentrated which has 19 + 1 tracks and runs about one hour and twenty-four minutes, .

And Crap Chute’s Canal Route with a further 11 + 1 tracks and runs fifty minutes
Finally Crap Chute’s Pander Doublet 2016 with two new songs for Xmas

You can get all of them th rough .
Like previous collections, Canal Route, Concentrated and Pander Doublet are.
It’s my intention to give you the maximum freedom under the law to listen to my music.
Don’t commit yourself.
Here, click the little play arrow on the player below.
Listen to the whole thing for free, see if I care.

Crap Chute’s Canal Route by  is licensed under a
You can also get Canal Route from iTunes

Amazon MP3, , and Spotify.
Also in weird-ass places like Tidal, Deezer, Pandora and other high-class places Canadians aren’t allowed into.

All the places to get Canal Route   Crap Chute’s Concentrated by  is licensed under a
You can also get Concentrated from iTunes

Amazon, Google Play and listen on things like Spotify and Apple Music.

All the places to get Concentrated If you get Concentrated direct from Bandcamp

you get a super-secret bonus track not available anywhere else, I think.
Bandcamp also gives you maximum freedom in choice of audio format.
It’s already pretty damned cheap, if I say so myself, but if you looked really hard, you would have either found a discount code letting you get it even cheaper, or a code to get you the entire album for free.

Pander Doublet is a Bandcamp exxxclusive that you can get for free

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