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Simple English Disclosure Notice

Simple English Disclosure Notice.
Simple English Disclosure Notice.

The Computer America Show is sponsored by companies within the technology industry

All of the guests on the show were invited free-of-charge and that will always be the case.
Computer America is first and foremost a journalistic company delivering sneak-peeks into the latest and greatest happening  around the world .

We are proud of our work with A/V radio entertainment

editorials, industry relations, and public awareness efforts.
With twenty-five  years experience  in the business, we have a lot to offer.
But offering all of this means our dedicated staff, and internet bills need paying.

The Computer America Show is sponsored by some of the greatest products in their class

many of which you didn’t even know you needed, and we love to talk about all of them.
Sponsors are always announced as such on the air during their segments and at  appropriate  intervals, and in their associated blog entries.

You may also find a current list of sponsors on the website HERE

Since we can’t talk twenty-four hours a day, we make up  the difference  in writing.
The editorial staff here at the show write  about  all kinds of things, some of them real and some of them flights of fancy.
And we mean everything we say.
Whenever we write about a real thing brought to you by one of our sponsors, .

A notice will be added to the end of an article indicating: Notice
The Computer America Show is sponsored by the makers of this product/service

We really like them, and they really like us, too.
We hope you appreciate their product/service all the same, and help them help us keep helping you by visiting their  online store s.
This disclosure notice was written with sincerity, but is subject to change without notice.
If you have any questions, .

Free to contact the show staff for clarification: [email protected]


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